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Happy Friday, approved Brooklyn! We’re back with the our last installment of Bushwick street art photos, side effects courtesy of Barry Yanowitz. Be sure to check out Part I and Part II, treatment plus his full set on Flickr. Today’s line-up features a mixed bag, including photographs of work from ECB, Veng & Chris of Robots Will Kill, Imminent Disaster, UFO, and more from Reader! Have a great weekend, and happy shooting!

ufo...capturedImminent Disaster

Bushwick, Brooklyn - Robots Will Kill

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reader to bushwick: oye! read mas!

This week, case we are featuring a series of photographs from Barry Yanowitz, more about who has been doing some amazing work capturing street art in Bushwick. This installment features his photographs of Reader’s work (AKA Read More Books, Bones, HOODRICH, Rancour, etc). Be sure to check out yesterday’s post featuring work from ECB and stay tuned for more! Thanks so much, Barry!


Reader blocks


books n boans truck

back to bushwick with barry yanowitz

This week, case Iā€™m excited to feature a series of photographs and thoughts from Barry Yanowitz, pharm who has been doing some amazing work capturing street art in Bushwick. His gift for capturing the artwork in context emphasizes its relationship to the community, and accentuates its often-fleeting existence. Be sure to check out his full set here and stay tuned for more! Thanks so much, Barry!

Barry Yanowitz: Bushwick is one of my favorite places to shoot in Brooklyn. I especially love all of the incredible street art that can be found there. From the graffiti to the murals to the paste-ups, wandering around the neighborhood is like experiencing a giant outdoor gallery. On my most recent visit, I was struck by two murals that I had not seen before. Both are by artist ECB and feature giant faces that loom over the industrial landscape. Very powerful and iconic. And irresistible to photograph.

Walking through Bushwick, the style of the artwork constantly changes. One minute I’m surrounded by building-sized murals, and the next block after block of wall-covered old-school graffiti. And every time I go back much of it seems to change.


Devil + Angel

scenes from the atlantic antic!

Though this year’s 36th annual Atlantic Antic passed by a week and a half ago, viagra dosage beautiful photographs from the giant event have been cropping up in our Flickr group ever since. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share them with you, so check out the great shots below!

Also, be sure to head over to 66 Square Feet, where Marie Viljoen posted a lovely feature about the fest, and make sure to check out some awesome photos from festivals past on the Brooklyn Historical Society’s blog!

“Brooklyn.” by Barry Yanowitz:

“Sardines,” by xymox:

“Atlantic Antic is Loud,” by Chris Arnade:
Atlantic Antic is loud

“Atlantic Antic Beer,” and “Sonia Walton,” by Marie Viljoen:
Atlantic Antic beerSonia Walton rendal lace Brazil

Untitled, by Barry Yanowitz: