some light reading

This past weekend, salve I cracked open a new book I got called Walking Brooklyn which is a compilation of 30 neighborhood tours throughout the far reaches of Brooklyn. The talented (and engaging) Adrienne Onofri really does a bang-up job taking you through 3 to 5-mile walks and dishing some great historical facts and super-local sites.

I rode my bike down to Bay Ridge, a neighborhood I loved living in and one which I thought I’d explored quite thoroughly, to try out my first tour from the book. It was fantastic. I learned so much.

The tour started at the 69th Street pier, where I found this quintessential Bay Ridge gentleman attacking his Saturday afternoon newspaper by the bay. His yachting cap was amazing.

we do it for the LOVE!

Welcome to For the Love of Brooklyn! If you’ve stumbled on us from one of our other favorite Brooklyn blogs, store we’re so glad to have you. As we get the site up and running, salve we invite you to take a look around and give us plenty of feedback. [We love comments!]

For the Love of Brooklyn is a blog organized by a growing collective of Kings County photographers, tadalafil all committed to celebrating the streets we live in and the love we have for our borough. In the next few days, we’ll be busy as bees publishing samples from our photography portfolios so you can get a taste of what’s to come.

Stay tuned and have a great week!

down by the tracks

order on Flickr”>down by the tracks

These vintage chrome relics were haphazardly parked on old train tracks near the Brooklyn Army Terminal waterfront, looking ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. I waited around to catch a glimpse of the drivers, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Ahh, this is the stuff that old Brooklyn movies are made of… all I needed was a cannoli and an egg cream.

secret sunset

ampoule on Flickr”>secret sunset

It was a shame no one was watching the sunset from these benches. They were the perfect spot this night, medicine amidst the flowers, recipe overlooking the Hudson. This park is located in Cobble Hill on Hicks Street between Amity and Pacific, just above the buzzing BQE. It’s surprisingly quiet and a lovely spot to spend an hour or so reading in the afternoon light. …Or a good place to take a sanity break from the Long Island College Hospital emergency room, located across the street!

According to the NYC Parks Department, this park strip belongs to Van Voorhees park, which is predominantly on the west side of the BQE. Named for Tracy S. Voorhees (1890-1974), “an attorney and decorated World War II veteran” who eventually served as the President of LICH next door, this park celebrates the Van Voorhees family’s history in New York, which is definitely worth the read:

The Van Voorhees family traces its lineage to Steven Coerten Van Voorhees who settled in Brooklyn in the mid-17th century. He established himself in the neighborhood of Flatlands, became a magistrate, an elder in the Dutch Reformed Church, and the head of a formidable clan. His ten children bore 20 grandchildren. The grandchildren amassed 85 children themselves, among them Tracy Voorhees, to carry on the family name. The “Van” was eventually dropped from the name.

[ed. update] Thanks also to Brownstoner for featuring the shot!