brooklyn harvest

October 10th, 2009 | Posted by Jill in food + drink | south slope - (2 Comments)

brooklyn harvest

My neighbors up the block have been growing wheat all summer in their front yard. While I’m mildly surprised on a regular basis by all the things I see in my neighborhood, this one takes the cake for this week. I’m just waiting until someone is out there, threshing the grains with old farm tools and grinding them into flour out on the sidewalk.

I really wouldn’t be that surprised.

dream factory

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It seemed like a dream. Prior to this day, I had no idea this place existed, and until I found it on Google Maps, I was pretty sure it was all a dream.

It had to be in the 90′s that day, and after riding my bike for the previous hour in the blistering sun, I was delirious. Peter knew where we going and the sun didn’t seem to bother him too much. But I was dying. It was nice to hide in the shade given off by the factory wall and drink some water. Looking down the abandoned cobblestone street in between these massive structures, one could only imagine what it would have looked like filled with trucks, workers, industry and life. The desolation added to the hazy dreaminess of the locale.

Now as the cold breeze begins to blow the leaves from the trees, I daydream of a Sunday in late August, riding along the Gowanus Bay taking pictures.

treats from the south slope

This little bakery on 5th Avenue in the South Slope sits between 20th Street and 21st Street. The ladies there are always so friendly and, despite the fact that the shelves on this fancy cake rack are installed crookedly, they’re doing their best to outshine the several other bakeries right along this strip. That’s a tough job, especially now that Little Buddy Bakery has moved in to compete with the local Latin contingency. It seems the head baker of the company is also a long-time-ish South Slope resident, so we shall see how it fares! Can’t wait to try!

And as if sugary sweetness wasn’t enough of a treat, for any of you out there observing Columbus Day on Monday, enjoy the three-day weekend!

manhattan bridge vertorama 2A very Happy Birthday to the Manhattan Bridge today! There will be a celebration at 7pm for the occasion and it will feature fireworks, a marching band, and a reenactment of the original walk across the bridge.

This bridge was actually the last to be built  of the three bridges that connect Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn Bridge was of course the first and the Williamsburg was the second.  The Manhattan bridge was designed by Polish engineer Ralph Modjeski.  This is my favorite of the three bridges and looks the most impressive in my opinion.  It’s also a really enjoyable subject to photograph.  If you’d like the full res version of this image (~20mb), we’re letting you download the full res (no commercial or public use granted to anyone though, sorry), in celebration of its birthday.

Full Resolution Download from (~20mb)

Enjoy the free photo for now!  I’m off to photograph the event.  We will post pics here later!



Here is a 6 photo gallery of scenes from tonight’s centennial celebration.

If you would like to use any of these photos commercially, please contact us here or via inquire at peterkruger dot com.