through the rainforest

October 26th, 2009 | Posted by Kruger in parks and museums - (0 Comments)

in the clearing

It was quite the rainy Saturday this past weekend. My friends and I decided to explore Prospect Park at night.   So we set out and went into the woods of the Park around midnight.  Walking on the paths in the woods was by far the darkest NYC experience I’ve had.  Naturally, I wanted to see if I could get a picture so I set the camera to ISO 25,600 and tried taking a few (no tripod that night).  You can see the ones below (2nd and 3rd photos); they’re both blurry in some odd way.  It was interesting to say the least.  While walking through the woods, we happened upon some forest elves and nymphs.  It was interestingly surreal.  You can see traces of them in the photos, but they only showed themselves in the form of neon lights.

feature fridays!

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Happy almost-Happy Hour, Brooklyn! To celebrate the upcoming weekend, we’re excited to introduce Feature Fridays, in which we will highlight some of our favorite photographers who roam the streets of this lovely borough with a camera in tow.

This week, we focus the lens on Joel Zimmer, a software developer originally hailing from Canada, who now resides in Brooklyn. Check out the shots below for samples of his fantastic street photography and hop over to his Flickr photostream for more!

If you’d like to contribute to a future Feature Friday, please join our Flickr community here!

397-730 Rainy Walk

393-730 Square Format

395-730 Health Food

402-365 Smith & 9th


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Riding under the BQE (Gowanus Expressway) I pulled off to catch a shot of this beat up old El Camino. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, when you explore under an overpass you are bound to find a different world. Trash, beat up cars, graffiti, homeless people, people drinking, construction; a little bit of the grit and grime that left the rest of the city long ago. Fun for a photographer, not so fun when you are walking home by yourself late at night.

light pollution

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light pollution

I admit: I have a love-hate relationship with the Prospect Expressway. I know Sufjan Stevens already got dibs on the BQE, but I would be more than happy cursing and praising the Expressway while I’m hula hooping in the South Slope.

The majority of my hate (or serious dislike, since we’re all about the love here) stems from living next to the Expressway three stories up from the traffic below. Its lovely dim roar was a kind of post-apocalyptic urban lullaby from which I could never escape. It also afforded beautiful views of Manhattan and the Empire State Building… as long as you could drown out the noise.

On the flip side, because the city knew what a grand gesture it was to split the South Slope up with a massive highway in the 1950′s, they planted a beautiful series of parks which line the Expressway with benches and picnic tables and trees and dog runs and small community gardens. Whew.

And lots of nice walking paths. I love them especially.

Check out a map here to see how these 15 small parks are laid out. And do yourself a favor next time you’re in the neighborhood — Take a walk, even if it’s nighttime!

[ed. note - Thanks to the fine folks at Brownstoner for featuring this shot. I learned from one of the commenters that the dog run along this stretch of the Expressway is unofficial, but there is a petition out to get it recognized by the city. If you're so inclined, sign it here!]