The Slow Summer Fade

October 24th, 2012 | Posted by Jill in a little brooklyn love | coney island | film - (3 Comments)

nothing compares to the boardwalk
brooklyn beach shop
the moon, so bright it shone like a star
oh, coney
light trails and shooting stars

I’m totally in denial. The warm weather and glorious sunshine this past weekend was such a wonderful treat, so I’m just going to pretend that summer is going to last forever. Nevermind that we’re supposed to get huge snows this winter. And when we do, I guess I’ll just have to plan a tropical getaway, now won’t I?

Back a couple of months ago at the end of August, Barry, Joel, and Richard convinced me to meet them on the boardwalk out at Coney Island in the middle of the week, just because. It doesn’t usually occur to me to go on a photo walk in the middle of the week because of my work schedule, but it was just what I needed. It was so therapeutic to stroll down the boardwalk, taking everything in and savoring every last drop of the summer. The ocean breeze was perfection.

Coney Island is so much quieter during the week, and especially so once the sun goes down. The pace of life slows the further you get from the train — the elderly couples strolling along the boardwalk, men fishing off Steeplechase Pier, the gentle lap of the waves against the shore in the dark. It was a perfect opportunity for some long exposures with my Pentax 645N. I’m still trying to get a hang of the beast — the 645 format, the digital displays, the automatic exposure settings all feel space age compared to the ancient cameras I’ve been using the last few years. I’ll get there someday.

Oh, Coney. You’re the best.

Eric Lau’s Bushwick

October 15th, 2012 | Posted by Jill in featured photographers | film - (4 Comments)

Recently I stumbled across a new set of photos from Brooklyn based designer and photographer Eric Kwan Tai Lau. Though primarily a digital shooter, surprise, surprise — he’s been returning to film! Regardless of format, his street portraits in Bushwick really caught my eye and he thankfully has allowed me to share a few of them here.

Eric has also posted a few of his thoughts about picking up the Leica M6 rangefinder over on his blog in a post entitled “Back to Analog.” He’s considering doing a longer-term project shooting street portraits in Brooklyn, and I can’t support this idea enough! His portraits are fantastic. Bravo, Eric! Can’t wait to see more. For more, keep up with Eric over on his Flickr stream!







Wedding Weekend!

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by Jill in a little brooklyn love - (0 Comments)

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m about to hop in a cab and get myself to Penn Station to catch a train for a very exciting wedding weekend. This lovely lady is getting married, and I am so thrilled! My cameras are packed and my party dress is in the bag. Anna and Steve, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Brooklyn Mix #4: Put a Scarf On It

September 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Jill in music - (0 Comments)

Warm days and cool nights. Is there anything better than autumn in Brooklyn? I think my friend Jen said it best. All I want to do is hop on my bike, throw a camera in the basket, and ride around listening to all these songs that make me super happy. Except for the part where listening to music on your bike is really dangerous. Kids, don’t try that at home. Wear a helmet.

As usual, this lineup is all Brooklyn bands, all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to run out, but apparently that is not happening. Some great new tracks from well-loved BK bands like the Dirty Projectors and Savoir Adore, along with gems from Sydney Wayser and gorgeous harmonies from the ladies of Lucius. Plus lots more. Give it a listen and hope you enjoy!

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