Happy New Year!

The last few days have afforded me some time for reflection, find and I am so looking forward to the promises and opportunities that a new year brings. This past year has been huge for me — a new consulting career, advice a new house to renovate, visit new friends and coworkers. I’ve risen to challenges, redefined my goals, and redrawn my boundaries — and not always in the healthiest of ways. Only in the past few weeks have I realized that despite all the newness of the past year, I haven’t taken enough time for myself.

Last night in Red Hook, as the sun set one final time in 2011, I made a silent commitment as I looked out over the bay. I’m not yet sure what my resolutions will be this year, but they definitely include far more *me* time. Bring on the selfishness! Today I celebrated by taking a decadent walk through Prospect Park. The sunshine was wonderful. Out with the old and in with the new, indeed.

Here’s to a great year ahead, and may your 2012 be filled with lots of *you* time!

The Heart of Hyde Park

Boy, this have I been steeped in nostalgia since autumn began this year. I should probably attribute it to holiday stress or too much work, cheapest but I’ve been overly sentimental for the last couple of months. I still have yet to figure out exactly why, more about but I suspect it has something to do with ignoring my creative outlets.

In mid-October, I had the chance to visit Chicago for a weekend with my college roommates. I swear that Chicago had a special effects team overhaul the city for our trip, because the 80-degree temperatures and golden weather were perfect. For most of the years I lived in the city of big shoulders, there had already been snow on the ground and a nice -15 degree windchill off the lake by mid-October. SO MISLEADING, CHICAGO.

Because the weather was gorgeous, we headed south to Hyde Park one afternoon to kick around for a few hours. I ended up taking a lot of photographs while we traipsed around campus to visit our old coffeeshop and the crazy new glass dome of a library, among other things. After I developed my rolls of film once back in Brooklyn, I realized that many of these photographs make me nostalgic for super weird reasons. Envisioning the classroom in which I grew to hate calculus proofs? Apparently nostalgic for me. Fondly thinking back to the times I spent making minimum wage working in a neurology lab? Yeah, that too. The human brain is so capable of recalling totally useless information.

I had almost forgotten how unbelievably gorgeous the University of Chicago really is.

harper memorial library

university shadowsgreen hall

eckhart hall

kent & joneson the quad

up the stairs to the coffee shop

on the quadsstudy time!

underneath gargoyle gate

shaking off the summertime

The night air has a chill now, viagra and truthfully, advice it’s hard to believe October is here. Where did September go?! Though my flowers keep on blooming, sale it’s clear that we’ve finally shaken the last warm days of summer. I’ve been going through photos of this past summer in Prospect Park and just wanted to share a little warmth over my cup of tea tonight. Enjoy!


running the loopqueen anne's lace

summer in prospect park

sweetgum sticklersancient arms

outta the park

out of the parka sunny patch

fetch it ALL!

In Pursuit of Progress, not Perfection

Once in awhile, click the universe decides to remind me to relax a little bit. I’m usually grateful for the lesson, but the latest bout has been tough. No rest for the weary! The last six months or so have been pretty intense for my work and travel schedule, and the intensity has been bleeding into the anxiety I feel for completing house projects and actually taking a photograph or two once in awhile!

towards the manhattan bridge

Speaking of the house, it was really nice to feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing the last project. Even if it was as superficial as painting a wall, rearranging some furniture, and adding a little drama to my day. As I hoped, it’s starting to inspire me to plan more fun projects for the house! (Is that some sick self-therapy, or what?)

But with photos, I was feeling a little lost. I recently got back this roll of film from the developer, and when I looked at it, it pretty much summed up my recent frustration. A whole roll of film, painstakingly shot with the old Leica, ruined when I opened the back of the camera to exposed film. And these light leaks, only discovered after wasting an hour scanning the roll. Ugh.

The more I stared at my mistakes though, the less I was bothered by them. In fact, I kind of love the photos and their crazy streaks. In other areas of my life (my job, my renovation), I am happy to pursue steady progress and iterative change until I’m happy with the end result. Why was I not expecting the same of myself in my personal pursuits? Maybe I just need to cut myself a break and embrace the splashes of light.

If anything, film has forced me to slow down, to think more about the process of making my photos, to select my materials carefully, expect ever-changing results and LEARN from them, good or bad. It really is an experiment — testing not my artistic perfection, but my patience and perspective.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll remember next time not to open the back of my stupid camera.

cadman plaza

albemarle terrace

church of the holy light leaks