Rekindling the Love for Prospect Park

It’s been awhile since I used to spend much time in Prospect Park. When I first moved to Brooklyn, this the park used to be my oasis – a place of refuge and relaxation. I’m not sure if it’s work or life or all the work I COULD be doing on the house at any given moment, approved but somehow that quiet time amongst the trees has been one of the things I’ve accidentally given up over the last few years.

Thanks to CH Cycles and the longer daylight hours, viagra my newly-repaired bike and I have been taking an evening spin around the park and falling right back in love. Nighttime bike rides in Brooklyn are one of life’s sweetest pleasures, and it’s one of the best ways I’ve found to relax after a long day at the office. Using, I’ve discovered a couple of great 7 to 8-mile loops from my house through the park and back, and it’s been blissful. Plus, I just realized this past week that I can actually use that site to track my rides and workouts — I’m hooked!

I thought I’d share a few recent Instagram photos from my nighttime bike rides and I can’t wait to take more this week. If you ever want to go on a nighttime ride / photo outing, let me know! It’s even more fun with friends.

Happy New Year!

The last few days have afforded me some time for reflection, find and I am so looking forward to the promises and opportunities that a new year brings. This past year has been huge for me — a new consulting career, advice a new house to renovate, visit new friends and coworkers. I’ve risen to challenges, redefined my goals, and redrawn my boundaries — and not always in the healthiest of ways. Only in the past few weeks have I realized that despite all the newness of the past year, I haven’t taken enough time for myself.

Last night in Red Hook, as the sun set one final time in 2011, I made a silent commitment as I looked out over the bay. I’m not yet sure what my resolutions will be this year, but they definitely include far more *me* time. Bring on the selfishness! Today I celebrated by taking a decadent walk through Prospect Park. The sunshine was wonderful. Out with the old and in with the new, indeed.

Here’s to a great year ahead, and may your 2012 be filled with lots of *you* time!

shaking off the summertime

The night air has a chill now, viagra and truthfully, advice it’s hard to believe October is here. Where did September go?! Though my flowers keep on blooming, sale it’s clear that we’ve finally shaken the last warm days of summer. I’ve been going through photos of this past summer in Prospect Park and just wanted to share a little warmth over my cup of tea tonight. Enjoy!


running the loopqueen anne's lace

summer in prospect park

sweetgum sticklersancient arms

outta the park

out of the parka sunny patch

fetch it ALL!

prospect park litter mob meets tuesday!

If you’re an avid reader of 66 Square Feet, page as am I, what is ed you know about Marie’s grassroots campaign to step up and volunteer to help rid Prospect Park of the grit and grime of a certain section of the woods to which city and parks department officials have long turned a blind eye. The last litter mob met up on May 10th, viagra order and collected bags and bags of trash.

The next Litter Mob is on Tuesday morning, May 24th at 9am sharp. If you’d like to participate, RSVP to Marie ASAP. The group will meet at the corner of East Drive and Center Drive in the Midwood, just south of the zoo [map below]. Trash-grabbers, gloves, and bags will be provided — as well as a sense of great satisfaction in helping preserve one of Brooklyn’s greatest treasures.