Brooklyn Mix #4: Put a Scarf On It

Warm days and cool nights. Is there anything better than autumn in Brooklyn? I think my friend Jen said it best. All I want to do is hop on my bike, seek throw a camera in the basket, more about and ride around listening to all these songs that make me super happy. Except for the part where listening to music on your bike is really dangerous. Kids, don’t try that at home. Wear a helmet.

As usual, this lineup is all Brooklyn bands, all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to run out, but apparently that is not happening. Some great new tracks from well-loved BK bands like the Dirty Projectors and Savoir Adore, along with gems from Sydney Wayser and gorgeous harmonies from the ladies of Lucius. Plus lots more. Give it a listen and hope you enjoy!

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Brooklyn Mix #3: Fight the Fading Light

To celebrate FINALLY installing our a/c units in the house, hospital I put together this summery mixtape featuring another round of awesome Brooklyn bands. Maybe now instead of actually FEELING like I’m at the beach while inside my living room, medical I can just plug in my headphones and dream about it.

This tape includes twelve of my recent favorites, price including tracks from Tanlines, Slowdance, Beach Fossils, French Horn Rebellion and more. If I could include the entirety of the new St. Lucia album, I would. Turn up your speakers, dance around the house (or at your desk), and hope you enjoy!

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Brooklyn Mix #2: Spring in the City

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I am basically the world’s slowest mixtape-maker — this mixtape has been months in the making and I’m only now getting around to share! Thanks to an inundation of new music from Spotify and lots of great recommendations from my friends over at NYCTaper, it has been awhile since I put together a playlist. I’m psyched about this one.

This tape includes nine of my favorite new tracks from Brooklyn bands, many of which I’ve had the chance to see live this year. Turn up your speakers, dance around the house (or at your desk), and hope you enjoy!

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Dining Room Takeover!

Back in October during the annual CMJ Music Festival, viagra 60mg Zach and I had our first house-crashing. In between their showcases at Maxwell’s and Spike Hill, my brother Mark and his band, Capybara, stayed with us for several days. Just when I thought the rock and roll was over, Mark asked me if they could shoot a live session — in my dining room. (!)

Fast forward a few months and I finally got to see footage of their impromptu session, which I am excited to share. Capybara’s new album Dave Drusky was released last week on Amazon & iTunes and they performed and recorded several songs from the new LP IN MY HOUSE. So proud. Enjoy!

CAPYBARA / Neighbor Crimes / CMJ 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)