Happy New Year!

The last few days have afforded me some time for reflection, find and I am so looking forward to the promises and opportunities that a new year brings. This past year has been huge for me — a new consulting career, advice a new house to renovate, visit new friends and coworkers. I’ve risen to challenges, redefined my goals, and redrawn my boundaries — and not always in the healthiest of ways. Only in the past few weeks have I realized that despite all the newness of the past year, I haven’t taken enough time for myself.

Last night in Red Hook, as the sun set one final time in 2011, I made a silent commitment as I looked out over the bay. I’m not yet sure what my resolutions will be this year, but they definitely include far more *me* time. Bring on the selfishness! Today I celebrated by taking a decadent walk through Prospect Park. The sunshine was wonderful. Out with the old and in with the new, indeed.

Here’s to a great year ahead, and may your 2012 be filled with lots of *you* time!

more love for instagram!

I’ve been loving all the updates to the Instagram blog — especially the series called “How I Shoot, buy ” which provides great insight into how photographers turn mobile snapshots into some seriously great photos. This interview with Anthony caught my attention last week, view and I immediately followed him at @takinyerphoto. You should too!

Anthony’s candid street portraits really capture the collective imagination of life on the streets of NYC. His shots have been inspiring me to keep my head up and take more photos of all the people around me: on my commute, on my lunch breaks, on the subway and more. Be sure to check out his work and just for fun, I’ve included a few of my recent snaps inspired by his work. If you’re on Instagram and I’m not already following you, message me @loveofbrooklyn. (I’m addicted.)