Bicoastal Disorder

I have a confession to make: I really love California. Those of you who follow me over on Twitter have probably gathered by now that I travel to the left coast a lot for work. Sure, more about it’s always a joy to get back to Brooklyn (as is the case with any work-related trip), ed but I do love me some sunshine and palm trees – especially in the winter.

sunset over west hollywood

In January, I headed to California twice — San Diego for a few days at the beginning of the month, and Los Angeles this past week. It doesn’t matter how frequently I go because each time I am struck by how wonderful the light is out there. You Californians are blessed with a beautiful western sky.

This was my first trip to LA and I was fortunate to spend some time in the West Hollywood / West 3rd Street district. Vintage storefronts and quirky old-California signs, quaint sidewalk cafes with frothy soy lattes, awesomely-curated home goods stores. HEAVEN.

And that LIGHT. I took my new medium format Yashica 635 camera along for the trip and managed to shoot a couple of rolls in between meetings and after a lovely dinner near the Santa Monica pier. Next time, Los Angeles, I am staying longer. Get ready.


santa monica neon

wheel pacificocalifornia color

goodbye, tinseltown

east of la

A Little Love for Kodak on a Tough Day

This morning in lower Manhattan, cialis 40mg Eastman Kodak filed for Chapter 11 at the bankruptcy court after a decade-long struggle to turn profits in this era of digital photography. If you follow any photography news, you’ve probably read countless articles speculating when this day would happen, but it doesn’t make the pill any easier to swallow (especially when one of the listed ‘liabilities’ is $245M of US retirement pensions. hoo boy.).

Regardless of what happens, I’ll always have love for Kodak. Their films and iconic colors and contrasts elicit nostalgia and inspiration, plus they have captured so many wonderful memories for me and millions of others. There’s no way I could express myself about the gratitude I feel for Kodak better than David Gonzalez did today on the NYT Lens Blog. Be sure to check out his tribute to “Life – and Kodak – Remembered.”

While I try and resist the urge to stockpile Portra and Ektar, Ektachrome and Tri-X, please admire the wonderful Kodak-created images from our Flickr pool below. Please feel free to argue about what you think is the best Kodak film in the comments — even Kodachrome (may it rest in peace)!

“Land Mark, Williamsburg” by Ravi Jolly:
Land Mark, Williamsburg (Bessa-L)

“Coney Island Lights” by Barry Yanowitz:
coney island lights

“Fifth Avenue Diner” by Jill Harrison:
fifth avenue diner

“I C E” by 12th St David:

“No Parking, Williamsburg” by Shawn Hoke:
No Parking, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Kodak Ektar 100

“Waiting for Summer, Coney Island” by Larry Beckhardt:
Waiting for Summer, Coney Island

“Tower” by Peter Kruger:

“Red Hook Cranes 6” by Alex Rabb:
Red Hook Cranes 6

Untitled by John J. Genna: