Pete Souza and The Obama White House


Despite the snow coming down all over NYC this afternoon, information pills I took a field trip up the block from my office and stopped into the Leica gallery. I had been meaning to check out the current exhibit featuring Presidential photographer Pete Souza’s iconic work for some time, and it was just fantastic.

The exhibit features 61 of Souza’s photographs from the President’s first term, many of which have become the definitive iconic images of the last four years. The gravity of last night’s election results finally hit me square in the emotion bone as I wandered the empty gallery, alone. Such a beautiful First Family we have, and so much love.

This is the last week of the exhibit, which runs through Saturday, November 11th. Weekdays the gallery is open 12-6, and 12-5 on Saturday. For address and directions, visit the gallery online here. Go! I’d love to hear what you think.

And if you can’t get enough of Souza’s work (I sure can’t), I highly recommend the National Geographic documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman. More about that here!


Eric Lau’s Bushwick

Recently I stumbled across a new set of photos from Brooklyn based designer and photographer Eric Kwan Tai Lau. Though primarily a digital shooter, price surprise, surprise — he’s been returning to film! Regardless of format, his street portraits in Bushwick really caught my eye and he thankfully has allowed me to share a few of them here.

Eric has also posted a few of his thoughts about picking up the Leica M6 rangefinder over on his blog in a post entitled “Back to Analog.” He’s considering doing a longer-term project shooting street portraits in Brooklyn, and I can’t support this idea enough! His portraits are fantastic. Bravo, Eric! Can’t wait to see more. For more, keep up with Eric over on his Flickr stream!







Flickr Faves: Endless Summer

Holy moly. How the heck is it already the last day of July?! Where did the summer go??? The days are noticeably shorter, page the light more golden, what is ed and prospects of days at the beach dwindling. There are only four more weekends left until September, viagra 40mg people! Every year about this time, I start wishing that summer lasted forever. I love the other seasons, but I can’t help myself. I’m a summer baby. Bring on the heat and humidity!

In hopes that this summer will never end, I present some of my recent favorites from our Flickr group. We recently surpassed FIFTEEN THOUSAND PHOTOS of Brooklyn and I am just constantly blown away by all the talented folks we have in this very fine borough of ours. You guys rule — I love seeing summertime through your eyes!

“Coney Locals,” by Adam Lerner:
Coney Locals

“CO,” by mkc609:

“Endless Summer,” by Matt Logan:
Endless Summer

“DNALSI YENOC, mermaid edition,” by Barry Yanowitz:
DNALSI YENOC, mermaid edition

“Coney Island,” by Reuben Radding:
Coney Island

“Rachel,” by Michael Tapp:
Stranger 23/100 | Rachel

“Petanque,” by Scott Lynch:
Bastille Day 2012, Smith Street, Brooklyn, Petanque

“K,” by Jonathan Percy:

Medium Format Amazing

It’s no secret that I’ve been something of a film evangelist the last few years. Ever since I developed the first roll from my new-to-me Mamiya C330f in January of 2010, order I’ve been a convert. Truly, film has been a huge source of joy in my life.

Since that time, I’ve had the good fortune to meet so many wonderful film photographers and encouraged lots of friends to pick up an analog camera and shoot a roll or two. Lately, I’ve gotten many questions about formats and film types and the ups and downs of shooting analog. Even though I’m no professional photographer, I’m making a (long) list of tips I’d like to share. I plan on writing about film formats (35mm, 120, large format) the ins and outs of specific films, and other thoughts about film fun.

If you’re new to film, or returning to it after a long hiatus, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or ideas for posts. And if you’re a passionate film photographer, I would love to hear from you if you might want to contribute to this series!

In the meantime, check out some of these beautiful medium format film shots from around Brooklyn. So, so lovely.

Untitled, by Sarah Pannell:

“Pier,” by 12st St David:

“Another one from the Coney Island sunset roll…” by Barry Yanowitz:
Another one from the Coney Island sunset roll...Fuji Velvia.

Untitled, by David Pexton:

“New York Night West,” by Larry Beckhardt:
new york night west

“My Lady.” by Vitaliy Piltser:
my lady.