Flickr Faves: Winter White-Out

I don’t want to speak out of turn, information pills but I think I speak for us all when I say ENOUGH ALREADY! I think the expression on this adorable French bulldog’s face says it all: is winter over yet?! The past few weeks of bitter temperatures, approved black ice and snow storms have been enough to make even the best of us ask hard questions about our own sanity. One morning last week, my weather app read 30 degrees and when I stepped out on my stoop, I thought to myself: “Ah! Spring!” Dark times, people. Dark times.

However, I did get caught unexpectedly in the snow yesterday, and rather than complaining my way home, I took the opportunity to wander my way through SoHo and try to be inspired. It was lovely. So in an attempt to try and make some photographic lemonade, I also wandered my way through the ol’ Flickr pool and found some lovely images there. Check out some of my favorites below!

“Manhattan Bridge in the Snow,” by BSEinBrooklyn:
Manhattan Bridge snow 2

“A Saturday Afternoon at Prospect Park,” by Eric Nichols:
A Saturday afternoon at Prospect Park

“Bedford / North 7th,” by Jonathan Percy:
Bedford / North 7th

“The Ice Fields of Prospect Park” and “Venus the Frenchie,” by Jason Duncan:
The ice fields of Prospect ParkMy dog Zelda's doggie friend Venus the Frenchie.

Untitled, by Greta Punch:

“Brooklyn Borough Hall Disappearing Into the Snow,” by Ed Newman:
Brooklyn Borough Hall Disappearing Into The Snow--NYC, 1/26/15

“The Sheets,” by Andrew Morhrer:
the Sheets

A beautiful day for the Mermaid Parade!

When I woke up on Saturday morning, price I knew it was going to be a great day. Honestly, this I’m not sure the weather could have been any better to celebrate the first day of summer and one of my favorite days of the year in Brooklyn – the Mermaid Parade! On the subway trip out to Coney Island, I think I figured out that this weekend marked the ninth consecutive year I’ve made the trip out, and I definitely have never seen better weather. It was a GORGEOUS day for mermaids!

It was super fun to meet up with Barry and Gisele pre-parade for the parade line-up festivities. I’m still in the process of developing my film, but in the meantime – check out these awesome shots from this weekend!

Untitled, by mkc609:
Mermaid Parade 10

Untitled, by Scott Dolan:

Mermaid Beauties, by Joe Alfano:
Mermaid Parade 2014Mermaid Parade 2014

Uncle Sam, by Dr Pavloff:
uncle sam

Mermaid Parade 2014, by Joe Alfano:
Mermaid Parade 2014

Were you there? What was your favorite float or costume?? Mine was TOTALLY the ‘I’m no enemy of no sea anemone’ pun. Total sucker for a good wordplay. Okay, and the Dick Zigun group. That was hilarious.

A few thoughts, and some Flickr Faves

This week has been a huge one in the tech community. Yahoo purchased Tumblr in cold hard cash for $1.1 billion and rolling out a brand new interface for Flickr the very same day. Personally, price I’m still digesting all the changes to Flickr. The reaction I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook from friends in the photography and design communities has been totally mixed and incredibly emotional. Clearly the new design has touched a nerve. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments here or over on Twitter!

When I first joined Flickr back in 2005, treat it had just been acquired by Yahoo. It was such a cool user experience – totally different than other sites on the web – and it blew its competitors out of the water. Though the site has undergone a number of updates over the years, click the basic design hasn’t changed in FOREVER – despite the fact that in the meantime, mobile technology and a multitude of new devices have fundamentally changed the way we interact with the digital world. Is this the final design of Flickr forever and ever? Most likely not. I’m certain that Flickr’s leaders are listening to all the feedback – both positive AND negative – as a way to inform the evolution of their site design.

I’m also certain that regardless of whatever way the powers that be choose to revamp Flickr, there is an enormous amount of talent found on its pages. This very site was inspired by all the wonderful photographers I have met over the years, predominantly through Flickr. Once upon a time, its sense of community was second to none and I personally have learned magnitudes through its groups and forums. I’m really hoping this redesign is the first step towards truly making it awesome again. Even if there are growing pains along the way.

In celebration of the talent out there, here are a few recent photographs that have caught my eye in the Flickr group pool. Enjoy!

Untitled, by Anthony Fine:

“Jane’s Carousel at Sunset,” by MKC609:
Jane's Carousel at sunset

“BBG Bluebells,” by Marie Viljoen:
bbg bluebells

“Spring Day – Coney Island,” by Terry Murphy:
Spring Day - Coney Island

“Windy,” by Gisele D, AKA The Windsor Terrorist:

“The Way of the Brooklynite,” by St├ęphane Missier:
The Way of the Brooklynite

“Checker Cab on Nostrand Av,” by Mortimer Slomo:
Checker cab on Nostrand Av

Flickr Faves: Brightening My Winter

I am so ready for spring. My flower bulbs are already starting to appear and holy cow, patient daylight savings is this weekend. I know we’re still in for some cold weather, cure but I’ve been trying to slip into a spring mindset these days. Growth, page spring cleaning, lots more sun — BRING IT ON.

I thought I’d share some colorful photos which have been helping brighten my mood tonight. You guys — Brooklyn is the best. These photos are proof.

“Dance Partners,” by Reuben Radding:
dance partners

Untitled by David Pexton:

“No Logo,” by Chris Farling:
no logo

“Classic Gowanus,” by Peter Kruger:
classic gowanus

“Blessed,” by Joel Zimmer:
1576 Blessed

“Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn,” by Genial23:
Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, 2007

“Rollers,” by St├ęphane Missier:

“Come around and open my gold eyes,” by Jonathan Percy:
Come around and open my gold eyes