Flickr Faves: Winter White-Out

I don’t want to speak out of turn, information pills but I think I speak for us all when I say ENOUGH ALREADY! I think the expression on this adorable French bulldog’s face says it all: is winter over yet?! The past few weeks of bitter temperatures, approved black ice and snow storms have been enough to make even the best of us ask hard questions about our own sanity. One morning last week, my weather app read 30 degrees and when I stepped out on my stoop, I thought to myself: “Ah! Spring!” Dark times, people. Dark times.

However, I did get caught unexpectedly in the snow yesterday, and rather than complaining my way home, I took the opportunity to wander my way through SoHo and try to be inspired. It was lovely. So in an attempt to try and make some photographic lemonade, I also wandered my way through the ol’ Flickr pool and found some lovely images there. Check out some of my favorites below!

“Manhattan Bridge in the Snow,” by BSEinBrooklyn:
Manhattan Bridge snow 2

“A Saturday Afternoon at Prospect Park,” by Eric Nichols:
A Saturday afternoon at Prospect Park

“Bedford / North 7th,” by Jonathan Percy:
Bedford / North 7th

“The Ice Fields of Prospect Park” and “Venus the Frenchie,” by Jason Duncan:
The ice fields of Prospect ParkMy dog Zelda's doggie friend Venus the Frenchie.

Untitled, by Greta Punch:

“Brooklyn Borough Hall Disappearing Into the Snow,” by Ed Newman:
Brooklyn Borough Hall Disappearing Into The Snow--NYC, 1/26/15

“The Sheets,” by Andrew Morhrer:
the Sheets

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