The January Cure, Part Deux

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Last year, viagra I decided to participate in Apartment Therapy’s month-long January Cure, more about which focuses on achieving a manageable level of organizational zen and trying to give your house some love. While the month of January was fairly productive for me, I definitely didn’t follow the calendar religiously. At the end of last January, I still had a bunch of things on my list that I really wanted to get done and was disappointed when I didn’t follow through. Hey, at least they’re my OWN unrealistic expectations.

When I headed back to my parents’ house in Kansas City for the holidays, I stumbled on my original January Cure list while I was on the plane. I realized there, 30,000 feet in the air, that I had actually gotten a lot of things checked off the list last year – even more than I thought! A lot of the tasks didn’t get accomplished in January (ugh, I still have framed art EVERYWHERE), but I think the conscious intention of those tasks helped me keep them in mind over the whole year. As I look forward to my second January Cure (which starts today!), I thought I’d share my list from last year as well as a few photos of the progress. Starting in on my new list this weekend — kitchen, you’re next.

If you’d like to participate, sign up here and let me know! Would love to hear about your progress.

January Cure // 2014

Living Room:
— Find a home for all unhung art
— Organize film archive
— Give a permanent home to books [new shelves!]
— New Stendig calendar
Dining Room:
— Donate clothes
— Organize magazines
— Go through sideboard + organize
— Donate armchairs
— Donate old surround sound system
— Go through shoe bins and donate
— Donate coats, scarves, gloves
— Hang peace print
— Implement new mail system
— Clean windows / front door
— Install door magnets / latches
— Install baskets in base cabinets
— Donate extra dishes + utensils
— Paint and hang doors on cabinets
— Finish countertop + install
— Figure out backsplash
— Caulk everything!
— Hang artwork
— Organize bathroom closet
— Install a hand towel hook
— Buy new towels
— New lighting in hall
Master Bedroom:
— New duvet & sheets
— Hang poster over bed
— Figure out bed linen storage
— Buy floor-length mirror
— Install wardrobe handles
— Plan and install Elfa closet organizer
— Find a home for all posters / art
Guest Bedroom:
— Organize file cabinet & papers
— Plan and install closet organizer
— Purge + donate closet contents
— Hang artwork
Zach’s Office:
— Try not to have a panic attack every time you go in there

More Fun: Progress Photos!

Favorite part of last year’s cure: SEXXXY NEW CLOSET. Can’t wait to do this in the guest bedroom too!
2014-02-09 13.29.072014-02-09 13.29.47

Donating old gnarly furniture made space for new FLOR rugs and super comfortable Eames shells for the dining room.
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An organized vestibule is a happy way to come home, and a nice perch for Kitten! (He is a total camera hog.)
2014-01-26 14.08.252014-01-26 14.16.40

Is there anything you’re hoping to get done in January? Would love to hear about it!

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