A few thoughts, and some Flickr Faves

This week has been a huge one in the tech community. Yahoo purchased Tumblr in cold hard cash for $1.1 billion and rolling out a brand new interface for Flickr the very same day. Personally, price I’m still digesting all the changes to Flickr. The reaction I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook from friends in the photography and design communities has been totally mixed and incredibly emotional. Clearly the new design has touched a nerve. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments here or over on Twitter!

When I first joined Flickr back in 2005, treat it had just been acquired by Yahoo. It was such a cool user experience – totally different than other sites on the web – and it blew its competitors out of the water. Though the site has undergone a number of updates over the years, click the basic design hasn’t changed in FOREVER – despite the fact that in the meantime, mobile technology and a multitude of new devices have fundamentally changed the way we interact with the digital world. Is this the final design of Flickr forever and ever? Most likely not. I’m certain that Flickr’s leaders are listening to all the feedback – both positive AND negative – as a way to inform the evolution of their site design.

I’m also certain that regardless of whatever way the powers that be choose to revamp Flickr, there is an enormous amount of talent found on its pages. This very site was inspired by all the wonderful photographers I have met over the years, predominantly through Flickr. Once upon a time, its sense of community was second to none and I personally have learned magnitudes through its groups and forums. I’m really hoping this redesign is the first step towards truly making it awesome again. Even if there are growing pains along the way.

In celebration of the talent out there, here are a few recent photographs that have caught my eye in the Flickr group pool. Enjoy!

Untitled, by Anthony Fine:

“Jane’s Carousel at Sunset,” by MKC609:
Jane's Carousel at sunset

“BBG Bluebells,” by Marie Viljoen:
bbg bluebells

“Spring Day – Coney Island,” by Terry Murphy:
Spring Day - Coney Island

“Windy,” by Gisele D, AKA The Windsor Terrorist:

“The Way of the Brooklynite,” by St├ęphane Missier:
The Way of the Brooklynite

“Checker Cab on Nostrand Av,” by Mortimer Slomo:
Checker cab on Nostrand Av

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts, and some Flickr Faves”

    1. Thanks, David! Yeah, things have been changing around here a little bit. I can’t stop tweaking – apparently kind of like Flickr, haha.

      On that note — Yeah, I’m trying to keep an open mind about the design changes. One thing I’ve heard across the board is that the new design doesn’t feel like it ‘breathes’ and there’s not enough whitespace. I concur with that, but then again it’s kind of nice to have things auto-resize so I can see some of my favorite photos up close and inspect detail. Still haven’t used it on the iPad yet, so I suspect that experience will be pretty cool.

      On the other hand, I’m a little disappointed with how they handled comments and the rendering thereof. Seems to kind of minimize the community approach, and I find myself clicking through big long comment threads to see who said what / who replied to whom. It’s a little confusing.

      Have you used it much yet?

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