The Dude Abides (with a Widelux)

Last week Adam Lerner shared a great link on his Facebook page to this awesome interview with actor Jeff Bridges, viagra who has been an avid film photographer for nearly 30 years. This mini documentary, produced by the International Center of Photography, is a retrospective of his work primarily with the unique Widelux film camera. Bridges claims to have shot each movie he’s worked on since 1984 in this wide cinematographic-style format, and the photos featured in the short are fantastic. I’m especially in love with the two faces series he does — you have to see for yourself!

Plus, for The Big Lebowski fans out there — don’t miss the story at the end. Classic. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The Dude Abides (with a Widelux)”

    1. No problem – glad you enjoyed! I totally love his cinematic approach to photography – and the fact he still shoots film is so great.

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