Sandy roars through Brooklyn

October 30th, 2012 | Posted by Jill in a little brooklyn love | weather

“Hurricane Sandy,” by Jane Kratochvil.

The last couple of days and nights have been full of anxiety and nerves as Hurricane Sandy locked in on the East Coast. Though many of us in Brooklyn were spared some of the horrible destruction and fires that Breezy Point in Queens experienced, it was still gut-wrenching. Waterfront neighborhoods like Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, DUMBO and Red Hook were all victims of heavy flooding and electrical fires. It was scary to watch the local reports and photographs come in on Twitter, but it’s so evident that social media services like Twitter have so fundamentally changed how the media works in emergencies.

Though power is (eerily) still out for a huge number of folks in Manhattan, there’s lots of amazing coverage of the storm and its aftermath. This round-up of photos on The Atlantic is a must-see, and photographs have started to pour in on our Flickr group, some of which I’ve featured below. If you have photos you’d like to see featured here, please contribute on Flickr on contact us via email directly.

My thoughts are with all those recovering from the storm. Please be safe and let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

“Manhattan, 10/30/12,” by Jonathan Percy:
Manhattan 10/30/12

“Hurricane Sandy, the next morning in DUMBO,” by Barry Yanowitz:
Hurricane Sandy, the next morning in DUMBO

“Fort Greene Mercedes Smash,” by Matt Nedbalsky:
Fort Greene Mercedes Smash

“Morning After Sandy,” by Vitaliy Piltser:

“Go Away Sandy!,” by Joel Zimmer:
Go Away Sandy

“Statue of Liberty, Sandy,” by Marie Viljoen:
statue of liberty, sandy

“Clinton Hill Tree Down,” by Matt Nedbalsky:
Clinton Hill Tree Down

“Fallen,” by Joel Zimmer:
Fallen II

“Hurricane Sandy, the next morning in DUMBO,” by Barry Yanowitz:
Hurricane Sandy, the next morning in DUMBO

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