Flickr Faves: Endless Summer

Holy moly. How the heck is it already the last day of July?! Where did the summer go??? The days are noticeably shorter, page the light more golden, what is ed and prospects of days at the beach dwindling. There are only four more weekends left until September, viagra 40mg people! Every year about this time, I start wishing that summer lasted forever. I love the other seasons, but I can’t help myself. I’m a summer baby. Bring on the heat and humidity!

In hopes that this summer will never end, I present some of my recent favorites from our Flickr group. We recently surpassed FIFTEEN THOUSAND PHOTOS of Brooklyn and I am just constantly blown away by all the talented folks we have in this very fine borough of ours. You guys rule — I love seeing summertime through your eyes!

“Coney Locals,” by Adam Lerner:
Coney Locals

“CO,” by mkc609:

“Endless Summer,” by Matt Logan:
Endless Summer

“DNALSI YENOC, mermaid edition,” by Barry Yanowitz:
DNALSI YENOC, mermaid edition

“Coney Island,” by Reuben Radding:
Coney Island

“Rachel,” by Michael Tapp:
Stranger 23/100 | Rachel

“Petanque,” by Scott Lynch:
Bastille Day 2012, Smith Street, Brooklyn, Petanque

“K,” by Jonathan Percy:

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