The Dark Side of the Mermaid Parade

Most stereotypes of the Mermaid Parade are heavy on the gawking and light on clothing. And while it’s no secret that you can expect to see a whole lot of boobage every year at the parade, check I have some serious admiration for those who dare to venture to the dark side. As with the hugely-creative mermen, medicine I must pay my respects to all those who who bring the imaginative, more about the dangerous, the post-apocalyptic, the goth, and the death-defying feats every year to Coney Island.

Some of my most favorite costumes this year fell into this camp, including the group of brave souls who hauled heavy Blade Runner-esque android junk the entire length of the parade. The sharks were hugely memorable, too — what make-up artistry and attitude! Check out some wonderful shots below of the Mermaid Parade’s mysterious underworld.

“Bite,” by Travis Keyes:

Untitled, by Stan Raffes and “#132 on Surf Ave,” by Pat Merino:
Coney Island mermaid parade 071#132 on Surf Ave

“Vampire Pirate,” by Scott Lynch:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012: Vampire Pirate

“Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012,” by Scott Lynch and Untitled, by Taras Hnatyshyn:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 20122012-06-23 at 15-13-45

“Shark,” by Scott Lynch:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012: Shark

“Slither,” by Travis Keyes and Untitled by Rob Feiner:
SlitherConey Island Mermaid Parade 6-23-12

Untitled, by Taras Hnatyshyn:
2012-06-23 at 14-56-18

“Sea Zombie,” by Travis Keyes and Untitled, by Oscar Rivera:
Sea ZombieDSC_3336

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