Mermaid Parade Fun

Yesterday, click the mer-people really brought it at Coney Island for the 30th anniversary parade festivities. After some super hot weather and thunderstorms late this week, the skies parted and were glorious yesterday on the waterfront. I definitely could’ve used a bit more sunscreen and have a pink nose and pink shoulders to pay for it this week!

Lots of photographs are still rolling in from the event and thanks to all the photographers who came out for the backstage meet-up — it was great to see you. The parade crowd seemed a bit more low-key than usual this year, but there were loads of super-creative costumes to make up for it. Enjoy this first round of photos below and if you have some great shots to contribute, be sure to link to your gallery in the comments below, add them to our Flickr group, or send us a link over on the Facebook page! Stay tuned this week for lots, lots more!

“Pussycats,” by Scott Lynch:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012: Pussycats

Untitled, by Oscar Rivera:

“Hacked in Two,” by Scott Lynch:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012: Hacked in two

“Mermaid Parade,” by Barry Yanowitz:
mermaid parade.

“Greenthing,” by Diane Greene Lent:

Flamingoes in love, by Scott Lynch:
Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012

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