Medium Format Amazing

It’s no secret that I’ve been something of a film evangelist the last few years. Ever since I developed the first roll from my new-to-me Mamiya C330f in January of 2010, order I’ve been a convert. Truly, film has been a huge source of joy in my life.

Since that time, I’ve had the good fortune to meet so many wonderful film photographers and encouraged lots of friends to pick up an analog camera and shoot a roll or two. Lately, I’ve gotten many questions about formats and film types and the ups and downs of shooting analog. Even though I’m no professional photographer, I’m making a (long) list of tips I’d like to share. I plan on writing about film formats (35mm, 120, large format) the ins and outs of specific films, and other thoughts about film fun.

If you’re new to film, or returning to it after a long hiatus, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or ideas for posts. And if you’re a passionate film photographer, I would love to hear from you if you might want to contribute to this series!

In the meantime, check out some of these beautiful medium format film shots from around Brooklyn. So, so lovely.

Untitled, by Sarah Pannell:

“Pier,” by 12st St David:

“Another one from the Coney Island sunset roll…” by Barry Yanowitz:
Another one from the Coney Island sunset roll...Fuji Velvia.

Untitled, by David Pexton:

“New York Night West,” by Larry Beckhardt:
new york night west

“My Lady.” by Vitaliy Piltser:
my lady.

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