The Heart of Hyde Park

Boy, this have I been steeped in nostalgia since autumn began this year. I should probably attribute it to holiday stress or too much work, cheapest but I’ve been overly sentimental for the last couple of months. I still have yet to figure out exactly why, more about but I suspect it has something to do with ignoring my creative outlets.

In mid-October, I had the chance to visit Chicago for a weekend with my college roommates. I swear that Chicago had a special effects team overhaul the city for our trip, because the 80-degree temperatures and golden weather were perfect. For most of the years I lived in the city of big shoulders, there had already been snow on the ground and a nice -15 degree windchill off the lake by mid-October. SO MISLEADING, CHICAGO.

Because the weather was gorgeous, we headed south to Hyde Park one afternoon to kick around for a few hours. I ended up taking a lot of photographs while we traipsed around campus to visit our old coffeeshop and the crazy new glass dome of a library, among other things. After I developed my rolls of film once back in Brooklyn, I realized that many of these photographs make me nostalgic for super weird reasons. Envisioning the classroom in which I grew to hate calculus proofs? Apparently nostalgic for me. Fondly thinking back to the times I spent making minimum wage working in a neurology lab? Yeah, that too. The human brain is so capable of recalling totally useless information.

I had almost forgotten how unbelievably gorgeous the University of Chicago really is.

harper memorial library

university shadowsgreen hall

eckhart hall

kent & joneson the quad

up the stairs to the coffee shop

on the quadsstudy time!

underneath gargoyle gate

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