my november garden

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For awhile there, my garden was a downright riot of color: the zinnias were blooming well into their tenth week, the buddleia weren’t showing any signs of stopping, and the enormous came-with-the-house chrysanthemums had exploded into bright shades of yellow and pink. Heck, even the coleus that I planted from seed were cropping up everywhere in brilliant bursts of maroon. Life was good.

And then this happened:

october garden

The early snow made for some awesome photographs, but it didn’t do any favors for the flowers. Looking at that sight this weekend made my heart sink — all that effort for this unceremonious death?!

Thankfully the herbs and sedum are doing just fine, but I have SO MUCH WORK to do this weekend to get the garden back in shape. Maybe it’s time to plant all my spring bulbs? Anyone have tips on bulb planting?

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  1. This made me laugh out loud and it’s only 7 AM! Thanks for starting my day off just right! Perfect pictures and text! From where dost thou gettest thou green thumb?

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