stephen wilkes shares nyc, day to night

Thanks to a great tip from Tricia Vita over at Amusing the Zillion, pills I learned of a recently-opened exhibit at the CLAMPART gallery in Chelsea featuring the work of photographer Stephen Wilkes, pharm whose masterpiece of Coney Island is below.

This photograph is part of Wilkes’ collection called “Day to Night,” and the pieces are impressive: huge composite photographs of iconic New York landscapes capturing the ebb and flow of the human masses — and the ever-changing light. In an interview with the Village Voice, he describes his process:

It dawned on me, I’m studying New York as an emergent life form, and the way you can see the city flow, it’s a form of emergent behavior. You realize that the pedestrians are communicating, the cabs, all these elements are coming together and creating a complex life form. In a way that’s how the city works. And, in a strange way, photographically, it’s almost an emergent form, the concept of a single photo is being changed in this way.

I can’t wait to go check the gallery out and see his large format pieces up close and personal — the exhibition at CLAMPART runs through October 29th.

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