come on over to the dark side

Last week after the earthquake, sildenafil Jen and I decided we needed to spend more time together before another natural disaster hit, about it so we made plans to spend a girls’ night in on Friday. Little did we know that a hurricane had other ideas for the weekend.

I convinced Jen to come over and drink wine motivate me while I finally took the plunge and cracked open the cans of paint waiting patiently in my basement (since April, cough). As you might’ve seen on Twitter, I shared a highly flattering picture of Jen’s taping skills to prove her hands-on participation. Thanks to Jen for the thrill. And all my straight lines because I hate taping.

I’ve been wanting to paint a wall charcoal ever since I saw how beautiful it was at D16 and SFGIRLBYBAY. But it takes some courage to commit to a black wall like that. It’s intimidating. I know, I know – I painted the bathroom black. And the front door (eventually) hot pink black. And our kitchen cabinets black. I might be slightly obsessed. Whatever.

One Hurricane Irene and approximately 27 hours of bad tv later, two coats of charcoal paint had gone up, plus trim and cove ceiling. The scary wind and rain couldn’t stop me!

the dining room got a coat of paint

Oh, yeah. And did I mention I picked up a set of vintage Bertoia chairs on eBay? They came all the way from New Orleans. I’m pretty sure the furniture designer who powdercoated them for me thought I was nuts when I asked him if they made hot pink powder. But — hoooo boy. I think he was just as psyched as me. Is it wrong to daydream about chairs?

(Pssst – he has more chairs. Leave a comment or tweet me and I’ll put you in touch!)

dining room makeoverdining room makeover

The teak sideboard, table, and chairs take on so much more of a reddish hue and seem so much warmer with the high-contrast paint. I really need to follow The Brick House’s wood restoring tutorial and not be lazy. But that would take some effort. Hmm…

dining room makeover

I haven’t hung any art or mirrors yet, but I’m making plans. Strictly monotone or bright and colorful? I have to decide. Either way, I’m already in love with the high-contrast look, so I can’t wait to finish the room. By day, the colors seem more dramatic and by night it’s cozier and warmer. Another +1 for black paint!

For those interested in the specifics, the paint is BM “Wrought Iron,” in eggshell Natura. Trim is BM “Simply White,” in satin. And those are zinnias from my garden. I love them.

dining room makeover

5 thoughts on “come on over to the dark side”

  1. Stunning. The wall, hot pink chairs and those blue-cushioned ones are simply fantastic. I’ve been obsessed with slate grey and darker since seeing it in a few houses featured in Living Etc. (British home mag but you can pick it up here; it is expensive bc of the import but it’s v. good). That’s a complete turn-around for me, i used to hate grey. Anyway, once we bought our apt. a charcoal-midnight grey went up – on one wall in the bedroom. Makes a great contrast with some wood furniture we painted white! It’s a very surprisingly cosy grey and white room.

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