oregano, lemon verbena, & basil

Today in the cool drizzle of summer rain, healing we gave the garden some overdue lovin’ — and that meant pruning, visit this and lots of weeding. Where to start? Well, the oregano was starting to flower and the lemon verbena was flopping over, so it was time for them to get a haircut. The basil is ALWAYS going crazy (thank the Lord) and I decided I want to try rooting them in water, so out came the clippers.

I’m a big fan of the herb bouquet as I so enjoy their fresh scent more often than flowers, but feel free to tell me I’m wrong and recommend something that smells sweeter and I’d love to try it. Apparently, the kitten shares my fondness for a good herb bouquet. He is OBSESSED:

herb bouquet
smell-o-vision optional

We’ve had family in town all week, so there’s been lots of sitting on the stoop and discussing what we want to do with the garden next. I’m excited for all the ideas that are percolating but eager to see the plants reach their full potential or find out what’s not working. I’m so impatient sometimes, and too much of a control freak to ‘zen’ out in the garden. GROW, PLANTS!@1! But I love this part, the pruning and the admiring and the pondering of the miracle of nature indoors. Man, that sounded so granola.

In upcoming projects, I really want to try creating a smaller, taller version of this genius modern DIY planter that Anna from Door Sixteen posted and use it as a divider between our stoop and the neighbor’s. And I’m dreaming about planting a fig tree, and maybe some more sedum and herbs and grasses for density. And then we have to start thinking about what bulbs to order for next year, omg and then it’s winter again. Okay, RELAX.

I’m going to go smell my little bouquet and chill out now.

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