a light, bright, black & white bathroom

In late November, approved I posted about our upstairs bathroom after all our new tile and fixtures went in. We went without a toilet upstairs for longer than I wish to think about, thanks to some nightmare shipping incidents. I’m pretty sure my BFFs over at FaucetDirect.com will come to my next birthday party since we’ve spoken on the phone so much, and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. UPS, on the other hand, YOU ARE UNINVITED. No cake for you.

Once the toilet was in, I couldn’t wait to paint the walls and wainscoting. For the wall color, I was super inspired by DIY with ADD, who originally painted her bathroom light grey but added dramatic charcoal walls to punch it up. I went straight for the high drama and used “Toucan Black” by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss, with “Simply White” molding. Speaking of, I sure would like to see ADD start blogging again!

upstairs bathroomupstairs bathroom

Thrilled with our new skylight, I wanted to draw attention to the height of the ceiling and its great view — it’s hard to tell in this photo, but there’s an old-school glass pyramid at the top of the skylight, which I love. So we hung a matte black curved shower bar close to the ceiling and hung an airy 95″ white waffle shower curtain with fabric liner for a luxurious tailored feel (thanks to John & Sherry at Young House Love for that tip!).

Oh, and I added a nostalgic nightlight — which just happens to be from my childhood bedroom. :)

upstairs bathroomupstairs bathroom

I learned about this awesome adjustable Simple Human shower caddy from Anna at Door Sixteen. It’s really awesome and I conveniently picked mine up at the Container Store on 6th Ave in Chelsea. See how there are spots to hold inverted bottles too? GENIUS.

The little red metal shelf unit is from IKEA and is just a temporary spot to stash our most frequently used bathroom goods and bring a little color to the black & white space.

upstairs bathroomblack bathroom

I’d really like to warm up the bathroom a bit with some natural elements — maybe swap out the red unit for a wooden one, add some shallow wooden shelves to the wall above the toilet, maybe hang some air plants from the skylight grate? But artwork, I’m not quite sure yet. I do have something up my sleeve for now, and it definitely involves some of these:

my little crassula portulacaria...a quorum
waves of greennature's fractals

4 thoughts on “a light, bright, black & white bathroom”

  1. This is so gorgeous! I’m searching for inspiration ideas for my own bathroom and had similar ideas in mind… Love that black shower rod, such a nice touch. I have shiny black 2×2 tile on the floor which I’m keeping and we’re installing similar white painted bead board. I wonder if the black is too much with my black tile on the floor. It just looks so great here!

  2. Raquel and Cathy — Thanks so much for the kind comments! The black shower rod is from Overstock and we’re really happy with it, both because it was inexpensive and because it gives us the extra elbow room in the shower. Love those curved rods!

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