new york city marathon 2010

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Sunday was an absolutely beautiful autumn day. I went out in the morning to watch the marathon at the corner of Lafayette Ave and Washington Ave. I could hear live music, cheering, and cowbells from two blocks away. The excitement was contagious as I approached Lafayette.

NYC Marathon 2010

The police motorcycles clearing the way, the runners shuffling through the crowded streets, the spectators cheering. I never knew watching people run could be so much fun, nobody ever told me the NYC Marathon is actually a party.

NYC Marathon 2010

It was inspirational to watch so many people–almost 40,000–push themselves physically and mentally to run all 26.219 miles through the 5 boroughs. There were so many different types of people, with different levels of intensity. From professional runners who were pushing like they were running for gold in the Olympics, to the more casual athletes who looked as if they were a couple days late for the Halloween parade, the crowd cheered just as hard for each.

NYC Marathon 2010

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