uncovering pieces of the past

Last night, information pills I returned home from my new house with arms covered in drips of paint after another long day working in the kitchen. But beyond the physical exhaustion of cleaning and sanding and painting, I was beyond thrilled.

Yesterday afternoon, I found a single Kodak slide buried in a long-forgotten drawer. Scuffed up with a crack down the middle, I crossed my fingers and said a prayer that it would be salvageable. I held it up to the light and saw a beautiful shot of a young family, posed with their three children, the littlest boy on two legs taking some of his first steps. Though I’m not sure where or when the photograph was taken (mid-1970’s, somewhere in Brooklyn?), I am fairly certain this is my first glimpse of the family who grew up in my house.

And yes, that is the quiet sound of my heart melting.

the irish family

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  1. That little boy is me! My sisters and I would love to retrieve that photo. You are doing a wonderful job on the house, also the picture was probably taken around 1958ish.

  2. HI Cousin Donald, that photo is a real jewel. When viewing it, I am reminded of the day when I remember your Mother at an early age, You, Beverly and Donna, mainly in Brooklyn and at times when you all would visit our home in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. That was many, many years ago.
    Aunt Dazell and my Mother, Lillian Balfour-Nelson were very, very close
    companions in Brooklyn, until Lillian passed away at the early age of 32, in 1949, just after giving birth to our Brother David at Doylestown Hospital, located in Doylestown, Pa. I always loved Your Mother’s nice smile, movie star looks, kind and loving spirt. I can’t leave out Uncle Donald either. He was a wonderful Uncle to me during his days with us. I will never forget how I looked up to him in his NYPD uniform and his “packing heat ” off duty (smile). “Thanks for the Memories”!
    Should you find any more old photos, please scan them to me at my
    e-mail address: realdeac@aol.com… Your Cousin Alan

  3. The fine young girl in that photo is me. I am always telling stories. So you need to know the story of that beautiful house. We moved there in 1961.
    I remember when our dad took us to first see the house. The house was under construction/renovation even back then. After seeing all of those beautiful homes I couldn’t believe that we were moving to the pit. The kitchen was small and my mom had the vision of taking out a wall to incorporate the banjo counter. It was big enough to seat the five of us.
    They had the mural done in the dining room and we had all the hardwood floors sanded and varnished. The one cavet that they gave me was I could pick out the color of our bedroom. We had the most beautiful lavender bedroom.
    The neighborhood was mixed. On the corner of Nostrand Avenue was a Jewish butcher shop. Around the corner was Ebingers bakery. They made the best bread and pastries. I loved to stop there on my way home from school. There was an ice cream shop around the corner too. Also, the Cameo theatre on Eastern Parkway.
    More to come

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