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June 9th, 2010 | Posted by Jill in events

Last night, I scrambled to get out of work in time to get to the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope to attend the 5th Annual Brooklyn Blogfest, an event organized and produced by Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. When I arrived on site, the line of pre-registered attendees stretched around the block and I overheard several folks wondering aloud when featured speaker and Brooklyn-raised director Spike Lee would be showing up.

Though much of the post-event coverage has thoroughly explored the controversies associated with the event’s sponsorship and Lee’s commentary (Brownstoner, Atlantic Yards Report, Brooklyn Heights Blog, and others), much of the evening was genuine and thoroughly enjoyable. Highlights for me included the video tribute to Brooklyn photographers and the dramatic A-Z reading of Brooklyn blogs, which featured some amusing excerpts.

While I go email some of the hugely talented people I met last night, check out some shots of the Blogfest below!

Bloggers filed into the Lyceum as sponsor Absolut Brooklyn set up in the lobby.

And once the event started, we had an unintentionally hilarious video moment: Bloggers watching a blogger blog while attending the Brooklyn Blogfest. How meta.

Dramatic readings of Brooklyn blogs provided entertainment…

… before Lemon Andersen took the stage to rock a spoken-word performance. Spike Lee followed while the crowd stared at a giant 30-foot bottle of Absolut on the projection screen.

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