flickr faves: cherry blossoms!

Though the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival is still a week and a half away, try the blossoms aren’t waiting for anyone. In an article I read today, seek visitors to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden have been treated to the peak displays of gorgeous pinks and whites for a couple of weeks now, what is ed and festival organizers doubt that the window will continue through until the fest.

If you haven’t gotten to the BBG for the display, it sounds like this weekend’s weather promises to be gorgeous. For a guide on where to see the fullest blooms, check out the BBG’s map here, or meet up at 3pm at the Visitors Center for a free guided tour!

Check out some of the inspired shots from our Flickr pool below, and for more coverage, check out Brooklyn Botanic Gardens’Flickror this lovely post over at 66 Square Feet by Marie Viljoen!

“Cherry Allee, BBG,” by Marie Viljoen:
Cherry allee, BBG

Untitled, by Lucy Aboytes:

“Brooklyn Botanical Garden,” by Natalie Behring:
Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Untitled, by rsb816:

“Cherry Blossom,” by steffiekeith:

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  1. I fear it will all be over by this weekend, though. Our weird weather made everything pop weeks early.

    BUT the lilacs will still be good, and smell wonderful.

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